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This Is Just A Guide. (If You Need Something Special That Is Not On This List, Let's Talk).

P.S. - Second on this list is a unique service I offer. Read about it, and if you're curious about how this could benefit you, call me to explore what I can do for you.

E-Newsletters - When done right, e-newsletters can be the very best marketing tools for all kinds of businesses (particularly professional service firms and B2B). Content that people actually want to read is the key to success. Let me help you create or improve your e-newsletter.


Core Messaging Document - This is a terrific document that I can create for any product or service. I define it as a comprehensive document that contains all relevant marketing and selling statements about a product or service. Its purpose is to serve as the "master message document" from which you can spin off all your essential marketing pieces. This is the very best way to keep your messaging consistent across different collateral and makes creating the copy for any specific piece much more efficient.


To discover more about the power of a Core Messaging Document and to see an example, please contact me.


Thought Leadership:

White Papers

Bylined Article



Brochure Copy

Customer Case Studies

Press Release

Online Projects (actual deliverable is a suggested website outline and general content structure)

Website Copy

Executive Bios       $300 - $750 per page Executive bio (includes phone interview if needed)  $250 - $500 each

Lead Generation Emails

Email, General Announcements

Email Newsletters

Auto-Responder Emails

Landing Pages

Blog Ghostwriting


Direct Mail:

Lead Generation Letters (can also do landing page copy for the campaign)   $1,500 - $3,000 (1 to 2-page letter + landing page copy)

Postcards or Self Mailers




Print Ads

Classified Ads

Email Newsletter Ads

Web Banner Ads




Video or Audio Scripts for Website

Longer Video Scripts for Web or DVD



Telemarketing Scripts



New Tagline or Slogan


Other Copywriting & Marketing Services:

Copy Critique


Consulting/Strategic Advice

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